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Ashton Hardwell & Justin LeBeau

Ashton Hardwell has a lot of experience making gay porn scenes, and significantly more experience with gay sex off cam. So when Ashton says that this scene is the most turned on he's been in years, we think that's worth noting. Maybe it's the idea of corrupting a str8 boy or maybe it's just because Justin Lebeau is so damn cute. But whatever it was, this scene just sizzles with intensity.

Almost every porn video these days makes some claim about showing an authentic str8 guy the joys of gay sex. And it's pretty clear that in most cases it's obviously a big act. But let me assure you this scene is NO act. Justin Lebeau has been exclusively for the ladies up until a few weeks ago when, in a moment of drunken weakness, he let a gay boy give him a blow job at a party. And to his surprise, he found that it wasn't as bad as he thought. In fact, he call us up to say he was ready to try a blow job scene. And WOW did he impress us.

We asked him, "Can you kiss a guy?" He consented to give it a try. And after the first tentative efforts, Justin and Ashton were sucking face with an intensity that we've rarely seen. Justin was not ready to suck a dick yet or fuck a guy but he sure made up for it in every other aspect of what he was doing. But he did get an unexpected new experience when Ashton worked his tongue down Justin's balls and managed to get a few licks of Justin's ass before Justin became aware of it and moved Ashton's tongue back to territory that was more familiar to him.

Ashton was so worked up by Justin's intense passion we thought he would pass out. When the scene was over Ashton thanked us for one of the best sexual experiences of his life. And Justin, too, was very forthcoming about how much he enjoyed the experience and hinted that he might be ready to take it to the next level. We'll keep you posted.